Friday, May 29, 2009

It's happening-we are becoming country folk.  Shooting guns off the deck.  Beebee  and pellet guns mind you.  I shot two for two at a can by the pond below...just sayin!
Also we enjoy the happenings.  A tree being cut down had the last word.  That truck was stuck a while.  I watched all the attempts at getting him out from the deck.

Lastly, I insisted on everyone at dinner on the same night and even bought rib-eye at safeway. (it's on sale right now and it was amazing) 
I took a few plant pics!
Rib-eye  and broccoli with cheese sauce. mmmmmmmmmmm good
The beggars...


tami said...

We also watched a tree come down in our neighborhood this week. A gorgeous landmark cedar torn out for no reason. So sad!

Dinner looks good!

Shelly said...

Oh those little beggars are cute!

Becky L. Beck said...

That steak looks amazing and I'm headed to Safeway tomorrow as it is STILL on sale. Have any pointers on preparing it? Did you marinate it? What's your secret? Bill looks grouchy; he needs a cold beverage:) Glad the whole fam could be together.

Bill said...

Bill is tired not grouchy. Bill is for the most part a very optimistic person and has bad days like the rest of us but I love my life.. No specific prep, God did all the work before we got to them cook to taste and enjoy just as they are..