Tuesday, June 12, 2012

last post from the hill...

First I just want to say thanks for the comments some of you made on my last post. So encouraging! I think I was just in a little slump. Thanks for bring me up! Well we are moving into town around the end of this month. July will be interesting because we plan to float around. I will miss this place. The amazing view of Baker, the sunrise, the sunset, the wildlife. We were truly blessed to live her for ALMOST 4 years. Yes its been that long! What does God have in store for us now? I am trusting Him:) Thanks for following my blog..life on the hill. I am looking forward to becoming a city mouse again:) Today I went to the green barn, I love that place. Try the Mama Salsa-medium. It is so good. They also were selling peonies for .99 a stem.(yesterday at safeway I saw a bouquet of three stems for 7.99-just saying). I instantly starting thinking about taking pictures of them and that is when my afternoon was shot(haha funny pun). Here is the results of some time wasting fun... Thanks friends!

Monday, May 21, 2012

theSNAPsisters is all new.

When you own your own business you are constantly working in your head. Thinking about things like marketing, bookwork, client emails, blogging, editing and then some creating. I found my passion about 6 or 7 years ago when I went on a shoot with my cousin wendi p. That is about when we created theSNAPsisters. I remember getting home from that shoot and scouring the internet for ideas and ways to learn more. I discovered Michele Waite's blog and loved the casual artsy style she had. Seriously I am going somewhere with this... Now it is 2012 and I am seeing a new trend. It is a sea of photographers out there. They are at Berthusen Park just about every time I drive by. They are on Facebook and it's someone new all the time and their pictures are really good. Clients that I have had are buying their own camera and taking their own pictures of their kiddos. Someone is getting married and their cousin or uncle or friend has a DSLR and is going to start a business in photography. And they will do it for nothing or cheap. When I meet with a bride she is meeting up with several photographers to weigh her options and she has allot of options. There are allot of really talented photographers out there. Don't get me wrong I am not ranting here. I am just merely thinking about what the future holds for my small business. They call it a flooded market or maybe its the down economy. Oh poo this is depressing. On to the positive. This spring I have been making theSNAPsisters website all new, new galleries, new blog(with all the old post as well) and even a new attitude. I have decided that I LOVE what I do. I will do it for free if I have to but I will never give up on DOING WHAT I LOVE. Also my nest is empty at the moment. If God had not put this passion for photography in front of me I would probably be a mess. I am so thankful I can create and learn and challenge myself. Please check out theSNAPsisters new look and thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow means sledding around here.

Headed out for sledding. The dogs were super excited! I want to have a dinner party up here someday. Who wants to come? It is like a park. Charlie's snowy butt. The snow sticks to him so he didn't last long:) Eddie loves the white stuff. Hana and Amy friends since Ebenezer Christian School. When it's over it's over. Time to go in and warm up. I hope you enjoyed the view from the top. Thanks for stopping by:)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Favorite Park...

Driving home from a shoot on Tuesday I realized I had to stop at Berthesen Park. The sun was peeking through the clouds and the light was beautiful in the trees. Enjoy it because I think it's going to melt! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


My nieces cat Bella had kittens so I headed over with my camera. I love kittens. We had fun trying to get them to warm up to the camera all the while mom Bella was trying to move them back under the bed. I used to be a crazy cat lady before I became crazy dog lady. All my child hood I had a cat and the occasional batch of kittens..see pic. If I was bored I would ride my bike to my Grandpa and Grandma's farm on the Wiser Lake Road and find some barn kittens and take them home and in brown bag and then "tame" them. ALSO my whole childhood I had a runny nose..see where this is going? In my 20's I learned I was allergic to cats. That explained allot! But I still love the kitties just not for long:) Thanks girls for sharing your darling kittens!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project time...

The other day Hana and I created a "craft area" in the basement. We kinda moved in on the man cave:) But it has been great and now I am feeling like doing some of those projects that I've intended to do. I found this old piano front (not sure that is what it is called) So we bought a can of chalkboard paint. This stuff is every where and if you are on pintrest you know there are a million ideas for what you can do with it. What surprised me was how nice it goes on. I barely used any to cover this piano front. I am hoping to leave it on the mantel for now. And I realize it really doesn't go with my 70's house. But some day...oh some day! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Remember Summer?

The beauty that shall be eaten! Yeah I do. My brother and Bill caught many crab and we feasted on it. So Yummo! Speaking of yummo what I am getting to is Rachel Rays recipe for Bacon Crab Chowder. I tried it with some of the left over frozen crab and it was delish! Here are some of the pictures of the making of the chowder way back in October. Yes this is bloggy catch up time! On this day I also made Pioneer Womans Beef Stew with beer and paprika. It was outstanding! Then we loaded up my pots of goodness and headed over to celebrate Cash's Birthday with a few family and friends. I sure miss that little guy. Thanks for stopping by!