Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long time friends and scary gang in an alley!

Grr sometimes computers can really anger me. I wanted to scan a picture in of Levi and Dakota as babies but I could not get the thing to work. MAYBE I will keep trying. Back to the story...while Wendi and I were on a shoot in the dark scary alley of our little town. This gang rolled up. So I left Wendi holding the baby (literally) and grabbed a few shoots of Levi, Dakota and Max. Levi and Dakota have been friends since the beginning. I babysat Dakota for my friend Dar and that is how the bond began. I think they are blood at one time they made cuts and put their blood together. SICK! The amazing thing is they go to different schools but manage to get together for some movie making, movie watching biking and longboarding.
They are alway scheming something. When Bill gets home I will have the baby picture scanned. He loves it when he walks in the door and has to solve a computer glitch.

Thank's for stopping by!
Update******* I needed to select-so simple.
Anyway here they are as babies..


Jerrie said...

Scary things you run into in these small town careful.

Love the long-term cool! :)

Darn computers! 'nuf said.

tami said...

It is much more scary to have those guys at your dinner table than in an alley!

Good kiddos!