Thursday, April 21, 2011

Let's make minions...

Easier said than done. I found this idea on pinterest. Mom asked us to bring cake for Katies birthday on Sunday. My dad loves twinkies. OK! Let's make minions! Go to this site for better instructions. The whole afternoon and 2 trips to the grocery store later...these cute little guys were done.
Everybody needs a few minions! Thanks Hana and Carlie!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bittersweet Recognition...

I am quite sure you have heard of Ree Drummond-Pioneer Woman. If you have not you may be living under a rock. She is a ranchers wife, mother, blogger and so much more. Her down to earth style has captured allot of us bloggers, not to mention her recipes! On her blog she has a section on photography and contests are held for prizes. Well...I always enter-early and often...faithfully:) This week I entered a photo that is very special to me. The theme of the contest is BROTHERS. I had to enter this photo. It has been a great honor to photograph Cash and his family through his fight with cancer. Brother Jack at age 4 was so tender and loving toward Cash. He needs to be honored as a big brother.
Well I was very excited last night to see that this picture was in group 4, it was bittersweet. Perhaps a few more lives will be touched by this sweet two year olds little life.
Here are two other pictures I entered in "Brothers" Gunnar and Lyla-love this one:)
The brothers three-hands
Here is what I entered in "beauty" My Beautiful daughter and a senior named Jesi

Here is what I entered in "Horses" That was a beautiful group of pictures on her blog.
My friend Carolyn and her colt Cash and some from the Appaloosa Journal shoot.
Stay tuned to her blog to see if my picture makes the finals:)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lady Bug and Ranunculus...

No time for words. I bought these Ranunculus's at Trader Joes. The lady bug just showed up. And then she left...flew away home I guess. Enjoy!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A little about Photography apps...

I am loving all the new photography apps out there and as you know I love my iphone...maybe a little to much:) Yesterday Hana and I had a blast sending each other funny pics. Hey! in this day and age it's something you can do with your teenage daughter. I have Instagram- this is great because its all about pictures and I can follow other photographers who have it too. We see each others pics and can comment on them or "Like" them. But any one can join and I only use pictures I have taken with my iphone. My user name is jodikae and hana is hanabear. Hana takes some amazing pics with her phone and she is always ahead of me when it come to apps. Here is a few fun examples and how I did them...
This was an Instagram shot and then I added labels with Labelbox. It's like scrapping on your phone!
Instagram with vintage frame
Hana informed me its "poppin" not "pop" Not that I listen to THAT song!
Hana sent me this.... ahhhhhhhh...
This I used Pudding Camera -It's all in Japanese but we figured it out. Well again thanks to Hana.
I take way to many pics of these guys.
Instagram effect again. So amazing what it does with the picture!
Sent this to Wendi.. Labelbox and Instagram.
Pudding Camera and Labelbox.
I love this Sunday afternoon shot of my honey. zzzzzzzzzz
ONE MORE THING...PW is on Instagram
So what is the best part of all this great entertainment? IT'S FREE!
Have fun!