Friday, June 5, 2009

Did somebody say tacos?

We had a great family get together last night.  Alice our SIL was here from Idaho.  So Dee's Taco's were on the menu.  Mmmmmm they were good and we all managed to stay cool.
I did not know what all the little kids were going to do but they went down to the ponds and had a great time.  They were gathering food (grass seeds).  It was fun to see them playing together!

Strawberry pizza by Sheri is a favorite!  I made a sugar free version.  SF jello cheesecake pudding, strawberries and whipped cream
Auntie Geri and her mom Auntie Ann.

Thanks everybody for coming! So begins the summer gatherings.  Love it!

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Becky L. Beck said...

Looks like another wonderful family gathering.... And delicious foods to go with it. Hey.... where is the posting on the OTHER fun gathering you had.