Monday, June 29, 2009

Wheat field

Just taking in the landscape. aaahhhhhhh...

Friday, June 26, 2009

iphones take great pics!

These are straight out of my kidding!

I went for a walk kinda late last night and the view from the top was stunning. So I whipped out my iphone and took a few shots. The sun was on the wheat field below. Just love the color.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

time flies!

Happy Birthday Alex! He's 20 today. Just yesterday he was a little toe head with a lot of questions. Time flies when you are having fun. We love him very much!

A colorful entry...

This is what you'll see if you come for a visit. Impatiens is the flower of choice in this shady entry. I love al the color they provide. WELCOME!

Pond making...

One big sandbox! Is has been a lot of fun to watch the changing landscape. This is the pond on top of the hill (one of three up there) Just about everyday I walk up there, sometimes with Hana and sometimes Bill. ALWAYS the dogs. The new pond has water in it already because they pumped the water from the ponds by us into it. That little white house below is the house we live in.

This is the pond the kids were jumping into. They emptied it to make it bigger. My Dad and Mom showed up and I think my Dad thought it would be cool just to sit down and watch.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

8 plus John and Kate

That's what it should be called. Put the children first for pete sake! Sorry, we interrupt good times on the hill for this little rant.
I use to watch this show when they were all happy in their little house and church friends were helping out. All their beautiful babies a blessing from God. WHAT HAPPENED! Kate is going for a spice girl look and John is enjoying the spoils of war. Hey mom and dad remember the kids! The innocent children in all this. Get over yourselves! I don't claim to be perfect here. I believe marriage works when you put your spouse before yourself and he does the same for you. SHAME on TLC (the learning channel)or maybe TSC (the scandal channel) for continuing this show all for the almighty dollar. It's a sad world we live in people. I am a faithful watcher of the show. Am I going to watch tonight? I must resist!
I told you it would be a little rant...I feel better already.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Fun family day. Hey it's not often that we all pile in the van and head out. But It all worked out on friday so we went to our fav place with some fav people. The kids love Jack-Jack-he's at the perfect age and everything he says is funny. First Wendi took our family pics and you will have to wait to see those:) Then off to the zoo-nothing happens quickly in Seattle-TRAFFIC! We got there at 4 and we had the place to ourselves. Our favorite thing? THE PENGUINS!
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Under water adventures

I have a PENTAX Optio waterproof camera. Yes that's right it can go under water! So we decided to hit the neighbor's pool with it. The hardest part was actually putting it in the water for the first time, eeeek! But it did great. It's great if you have little kids. This is Benson, he is part fish. NO WAY am I posting any pics of me underwater:)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer begins with a splash!

Levi and friends, need I say more...

****Last picture taken by Dakota Huntley while floating in the pond...see first picture!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hana and'in around!

We have enjoyed seeing Hana and Levi do well in art this year. Levi loves the pottery wheel and has made some amazing pieces. And Hana enjoys drawing, chalk etc. Check out their work. I am a proud mama!

Don't give up on me!

Some pretty flowers to make up for the following...

I just have not been very inspired to do any posts on the personal blog.  I don't know why.   Maybe it's just that life sometimes is not very interesting.  It's the kids last day of school today and I am done with the last minute project drama. That's a relief.  I have been very busy with my snapsister taking some engagement photo's of some really great couples.  And of course just loving this weather.  
Well here is the story of the day.  If you own a dog or two you know better than to leave a bag of garbage out.  But this morning Becky called and said she and Shanda were going to Woods coffee to buy fair tickets for less.  I am all for less. So I sped up my routine and walked right past the garbage.   Come home to a mess the evidence is all over Charlie's face.  Eddie did nothing of course.  So I started running the water.  BATH TIME! FIND Charlie and here's what he get's...

Eddie did not appreciate Charlie getting all the attention so he threw himself in front of the shot.

After the bath he warmed up in the sun.