Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random thoughts (and pics) on the fair!

It's fun!
you see a ton of people you once knew:)
Foreigner was amazing!
I ate...king hand dipped corn dog, Poeferjes, chicken wrap, root beer float, scones and noodles.
the baby pigs were my fav!
people watching is worth the price of admission:)

Camping pictures!

My boys remember great times with Gracene when they were little. She lived with us when Hana was born. Times have changed, Now she has her own little ones:)

The card playing Aunts who organized this whole trip.
Hana with Gracene and Renae!
Arie, Alex, Levi and Dylan.
Oh my this can't be good. Emily and Hana are going for a ride!
Beach beauties!
Breakfast. Of course we took our espresso maker:)

So beautiful!
Meeting place for meals.
The uncles going golfing...again!
Some people just appear when the camera comes out:)

Cheese ball wars!...until the mom's found out.

Bill and Arie. Always good to see family:)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cute pizza delivery guy!

I gave this guy a 5 dollar tip! Hey! Levi works at Westside Pizza and he made his first delivery to our house the other night.
Don't cook dinner order pizza. You might get to see Levi;)

Ok, I went camping!

Yes and I loved it again. You see it has been about eight years since the last time we went. At that time we went to Spectakle Lake. Here is what I remember...100 degree days-no shade by our tent. 60, yes 60! mile an hour winds at night, bathrooms were a quarter mile away etc etc. It burned me for a while. Here is what my kids remember...turtles (tons of turtles) turtle races, so many fish you could catch them with a string and a hook- best time ever!
Bill's Family from Enumclaw goes every year and this year they went to Cresent Bar. It was beautiful! We met Bill's brother Arie and Alice and kids there and camped with them. It was great to see them and everybody else too!
I said to Bill let's buy a tent and he about fell over:)
Here is one picture...more to come
Thanks for hanging in there!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Antique store find!

I know it looks like nothing. Bill and I found ourselves digging through a box of photoworld stuff at this antique store. He suggested I ask the lady how much for this filter. The price on it was 35 bucks! (original photoworld tag) She said "How about 2 dollars". Ok! that s a cheap experiment. I find it a little weird that usually you pay way more than the original purchaser and this was just the opposite. Before Photoshop digital etc....this is how a photographer changed an image. Just hold the the gel-filter(they come in all colors) over the lens when you take the picture. Simple right? Check out the before and after....
Without filter...
with filter...
What do you think?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Doggies get new tags!

We got Eddie and Charlie new tags at Whatcom Farmers Coop in Lynden. Hawley had one and Tami told us where to get them. They are reddingo and they are about 10 bucks each. A small price to pay to keep your dog and cats from the LOST PET POSTER. The dogs had a photoshoot on the deck. They just love it out there and can see for miles. Good day to be a dog. The Dog-days of summer:)

If you call the number on the tag-you can talk to a SNAPsister and set a photo session for your family, children senior or your pet!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The wheat field was calling me...

Please, please, pretty please! He finally agreed cause he is shy ya know. My hubby is always playing his guitar. It is a part of him. He loves music. I knew Mr grumpy gils was done when he gave me the Johnny Cash! (for those who know what that means) Thanks Honey!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cruzin The Bay...

Not exactly. I love a spontaneous trip to the sunset. Saturday night we went to Sonic (are you suppose to tip there?) and then on to Birch Bay!