Thursday, May 21, 2009

What are my plans for the weekend?

Rest and relaxation. Here is where I will be and if you want to stop in for a coffee, feel free. The picture of the geese is shot from our patio. Watching the geese family is fascinating. The goslings are so obedient, they listen to the commands of their parents. It's all about survival of course. The mom goose might say "sit ,freeze, walk or relax" When she does they all do it at the same time. Isn't God's creation amazing?
Also I picked up a magazine at Costco. It's got a lot of good basic info about taking a good picture and using your digital camera. We all want to take great pictures for our scrapbooks or you can always call theSNAPsisters for a session!

Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy the weekend of sunshine!


Becky L. Beck said...

Well you deserve to do just that~ Nothing.... except... you should do it with a friend.. the sitting in the sun part. And: don't for get our walks we are going to take right? Thanks a latte for the tea time today... shhhhh don't tell!

Shelly said...

It was a beauty, hope you had a relaxing weekend.
Love the goslings, I took a few snaps yesterday of baby ducks here on the farm...sooo cute!

Liz said...

Hope it was a great weekend! Love these pictures!