Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's day Brunch...

Our Mom!

It was my turn to host and I had fun this year with the MOM"S TABLE. Bill helped out by serving us..thank-you Bill! My theme was nature and country. The china is our pattern we registered for 20 odd years ago and I still love it. The table belonged to my mom's parents. The brunch included Biscuits and gravy, cinnamon rolls, egg dishes, potatoes and fruit. Oh!! and a little champagne cocktail.

Sorry - not many words about our day-it was great . Having blogger issues:(
The last pictures is the family across the street. Just enjoying God's creatures up here on the hill. Hopefully Tami's blog will fill you in better. Also the pottery with the fern in it is what Levi made me for Mom's day, I got a card from Hana and a hug from Alex-it's ALL good!


tami said...

Thanks again for hosting. It was lovely!
I am so thankful that my nieces and nephews have good Moms.

Shelly said...

You're's all good! Love the nature table setting...very pretty young lady ;)

Becky L. Beck said...


You outdid yourself with this Mother's Day table setting. I can't wait to show my friends back home that call U girls the ?????
Never mind... let's say: The Martha's! You take full credit for that original masterpiece. It looked so pretty. One day I hope to have this with my own daughters who really ARE my sisters. :)