Wednesday, September 15, 2010

While no one was looking...

We are coming up on living here two years. Where does the time go? I miss our house we built allot. Thats the truth . But I am grateful we sold it when we did. Here in this house we have a gorgeous view of Mt Baker-It takes my breath away when I get up on time to see the sun raising over it. The view of Baker from our living room is obstructed by one tall tree that kinda shot out of another smaller tree. For two years I've been saying that I wish someone would go knock down that tree.

Well at some point in my crazy busy summer the tree went down and nobody noticed. The other day I looked up and thought ....Where did that annoying tree go! I ran around the house pointing it out to everyone.

No more about those power lines:)
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Monday, September 13, 2010

BFF and BSF...

I was forced to introduce myself to her. I was told she just moved here and could use a friend. Well God knew I needed a friend like her. She is the one and only Becky Beck. She lived here for four years with her hubby Troy and son Jason. She just moved back to MO in June. Troy got a job there and their other children and grandchildren live there. I was sad to see her go because she really liked having fun and laughing. I've been making a list on my phone of things she made me more grateful for in my life.
So here goes:
the weather-she loved the weather here and reminded me how great we have it here in the PNW almost everytime I saw her.
my family- She would say things like " wow what a great traditions your family has! .. the food, the recipes and we all like to be together:)"
Lynden peeps- She just thought the world of all of us. Out side of Lynden you don't always hear that. She loved places like Edaleens and the Green Barn. It was a another reminder to me how special it is to live here.
Golden retrievers- She loves these dogs and she tolerated Charlie and Eddie.
My kids- She would say wonderful things about Hana-she had a way of making you feel special.
Starbucks- Wait! I think I made HER appreciate the Americano with cream.
Little things like Makeup and scrap booking -Ya know, fun girly things.
Bible Study Fellowship- I had stopped going to BSF and did not know how much I need that disciplined study of God's word in my life. She had been a leader in MO so I think I started up again because she was going. Can't remember that far back. I love this study of the Bible. I have met so many wonderful women there. I remember my mom's lesson sitting the kitchen table when I was a kid. It's a no-frills approach to studying the Bible-no outside sources are used. God speaks to us through His word and its a powerful personal study. So here's my plug for BSF. Call me if you want to know more.
OK So I am not talking about Becky like she is gone forever-She'll be back. Plus... there is this great little thing called texting:)
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