Monday, June 15, 2009

Under water adventures

I have a PENTAX Optio waterproof camera. Yes that's right it can go under water! So we decided to hit the neighbor's pool with it. The hardest part was actually putting it in the water for the first time, eeeek! But it did great. It's great if you have little kids. This is Benson, he is part fish. NO WAY am I posting any pics of me underwater:)


Kim DB said...

Those are AWESOME Jodi! Great job!!I would be scared to put a camera under water too!

Becky L. Beck said...

Well, WEll, Well.... I have an even BETTER idea for you.... how about taking some pictures of Jason UNDER WATER??? Just trying to figure out how you do that IF you don't actually SUIT up yourself.. HUM?? Don't think I'll be getting into underwater photography, unless there is a wetsuit to put on. yikes. Great photo's though.