Monday, June 22, 2009

8 plus John and Kate

That's what it should be called. Put the children first for pete sake! Sorry, we interrupt good times on the hill for this little rant.
I use to watch this show when they were all happy in their little house and church friends were helping out. All their beautiful babies a blessing from God. WHAT HAPPENED! Kate is going for a spice girl look and John is enjoying the spoils of war. Hey mom and dad remember the kids! The innocent children in all this. Get over yourselves! I don't claim to be perfect here. I believe marriage works when you put your spouse before yourself and he does the same for you. SHAME on TLC (the learning channel)or maybe TSC (the scandal channel) for continuing this show all for the almighty dollar. It's a sad world we live in people. I am a faithful watcher of the show. Am I going to watch tonight? I must resist!
I told you it would be a little rant...I feel better already.


tami said...

Amen sista!
With all of their resources I thought Dr. Dobson could be flown in for some marriage counseling.

Oprah, Jon and Kate, crossed off my list. the end...

Becky L. Beck said...

AMEN Sister! Every stinkin People Magazine is blasted with them... Sick of it! Let's hear about some REAL PEOPLE of this world.

Janice said...

Here here!! I couldn't agree with you more! Let's watch 8 kids dealing with divorce - pure entertainment?!?!?!