Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stock Photography

Awhile back we took these pictures in our backyard. Right before we were going to eat the dinner on the table. The light was dusk and that is a magic time for a photographer. Anyway I decided to try selling them through fotolia. Online stock photography sales. I am blown away that the two photo's have sold in all about 80 times. Now granted I get 1$ per sale. So I am not raking it in by no means. But it is international and once they said it sold to a Bed and Breakfast in Italy! That's cool. I am not devoting a lot of time to stock photography because I am busy taking pictures with my SNAPsister. Just thought I'd share that-Thanks for stopping by!


Mindy K said...

What a great shot of your table. I have never heard of stock photography. Neato!

tami said...

Italy B & B, Lynden, it's all the same.
Yikes, they're probably using it in their brochure.

Pretty pictures though...