Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prom 2009!

Levi went to prom with Riley. They have been friends since the Ebenezer days. She looked beautiful in blue and he was just plain handsome. I had a photo shoot in Semiahmoo so I rushed home just in time to snap a few photo's of them at the neighbors pond. They where a cute group of kids and even tho I did'nt get much info out of our boy I think they had a great time!
This is the last photo I snapped as Levi seemed to be running from me and my camera!
Thanks for stopping by!


tami said...

You clean up real nice, Levi. I'm impressed.

Also, impressed with your gorgeous date, wow!

It looks like a fun group of kids, all lookin' good.

Oh, and is that cousin Abby?

michele said...

What fun! Love the pics. Levi and his date look great and I love the blue!

Kathi said...

Looking good Levi- and what a beautiful date! Hope you had a fun night with friends.

Auntie Karen said...

Thank you, Jodi! Finally taking the time to tell you how much your pictures mean to me. I check in a couple of times a week and it is ALMOST as good as being home. Hope to see you all soon.
Love you all.
P.S. Tell Levi he is so handsome!
Loved Kevin and Kayla's pictures, too.