Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Billie!

April 15th comes every year and with it brings Bill's birthday. Tax day-that's why my parents named me Bill-that gets a laugh every time Bill says it. I set out to buy a political card for him because he is passionate about this great country of ours. I thought he would get a kick out of President Obama card. So I went to the first card store only to find they only carry former President Bush cards there. Ok...why? He is not the President anymore and I think it is time to move on. Only fair right? So I bought the President Bush card because I had no other great ideas and It was funny as well. BUT when I got to the grocery store I found a President Obama card. Inside it reads "I had just enough CHANGE to buy you this card" PERFECT! I could not throw away a perfectly good card so I gave him both cards and no gift:)
For some reason the one has a funny spinning head and the other one does not:(
Bill had a great day! He went to lunch with Fred, he had tea with a whole lot of people and dinner at Pad thai with me!

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Jerrie said...

Both very good cards...much better than a present (you probably didn't have enough change for a present).

Hope he had a great day.

p.s. I had Pad Thai for Bill's birthday too! It was yummy!