Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Here on the hill we ordered a cookie bouquet from our family in Enumclaw. It came yesterday and I think it is so cute. They are raising money for thier Relay for Life team called "Amazing Grace" It is in honor of my husbands grandma. She passed away from cancer when Hana was about 2 years old. She really was amazing. She would put care packages in our car when we came to visit. She loved to shop and she had a room upstairs called "fantasy land" Most of all she loved to buy things for her family.
She would supply us with jammies, winter coats and blankets. Having three children we really needed these things. When Hana was born she came to Lynden with a pile of dresses. Hana was her first great grand daughter. Now we are heading to Enumclaw tomorrow for Easter. The number of great grandkids has seriously grown. They count all the eggs they are hiding and then after the hunt they make sure every one gets found! It's fun!
They MIGHT do cookie bouquets for Mothers Day. If you are interested..leave a comment:)
Have a blessed Easter!
Homemade dough and frosting...they taste amazing too!


Jerrie said...

The cookie bouquet looks amazing!

Enjoy your day trip. Happy Easter!

Kathi said...

What a great idea!

Holly said...

How wonderful! Grandma's and memories, so thankful we have both. Hope you had a good time!