Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Useless list

There is nothing we can do about the negatives in life. They are petty reasons to complain in a world where EVERYTHING is amazing and nobody is happy. But alas I made this list in my phone all year and now it must be published. REMEMBER I know my life is blessed beyond belief. But that does not mean I have to LIKE everything. SO here is a list of things I don't like...

Snakes, spiders and mice
half dead plants
Loud casino commercials
Open mouth gum chewers
Last cone mergers
When they screw up my coffee order
When the dog needs to go out in the middle of the night
Car problems
Stainless steel
Mean people
Murder mystery shows
Any show that has gross things on it
Agressive drivers
Noisy trucks in drive thru
When my house is dirty. That's a problem
Bathrooms without a hook for my purses
Stainless steel!
Moths, they are silent and dusty UGH! you can't see them coming. creepy

So yeah... there it is.
Here is a short list of things I love...healthy, happy family and friends, a roof over my head, heat and lights, fresh water, food in the cupboard.
Simply put...God is good.

1 comment:

tami said...

-Victimitis- people who are always a victim, I can't spell it but I think there is a song, poor, poor pitiful me. ick!

-bad cell phone manners.


-a winter without snow.

Otherwise- Life is Good!