Monday, January 11, 2010

MMMMMmmmmmmm good!

Today is my Mom's Birthday. She celebrates all week long with coffees and lunches. But she deserves it because she is special and we love her dearly. Yesterday we celebrated at Fred and Tami's with dinner for everyone. It was delicious. I made this cake (with my Bill's help) The filling is my moms raspberry jam and buttercream frosting of course. The best part was the fresh raspberries on top. Grown in Mexico and purchased at Safeway!
AND THEN white chocolate raspberry ice cream on the side. CAKE...i love thee
Sorry about my ugly blog... I want bigger pictures and I am working on it. Tonight I need hana and she is at Young Life.


Bill said...

Mmmmm cake good!!

tami said...

It was good cake and as you know I always judge a party by the cake.

Let them eat cake!

DavidA said...

Have Hana drive a piece of cake down to Seattle for me!

Jerrie said...

Cake looks YUMMY! Happy Birthday mom! :)

I think the blog looks fine. I am partial to right now I think mine looks horribly cluttered. So, it's fine...I like your header. :) Maybe Hana should make me one.