Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our baby Graduated! Let the celebrations begin!

We are so proud of Hana for her accomplishments and we love her so much! That said- it was a crazy week:) The weather cooperated for an outside graduation and party. Praise the Lord for that! I made my now famous meatball sliders and farm gram made a big pot of potato salad. It was a delicious combo. Marty (Hana's friend) brought puppies to the party-whats better than puppies? Don't worry Hana did not get one for graduation:) Jackjack really enjoyed meeting Uncle Fred- who got off work just in time. David A was in charge of balloons! Charlie got stung by a bee right before the party and required medical attention. He is going to be fine. Whew! That was bad timing. The graduation was good but my favorite is the baccalaureate. It was at Christ the King on tuesday. The messages were great! It's a big world out there and these kids need Jesus:) Thank-you to all of you who came out to support Hana:)
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Tami said...

yay hana jo!!

Janice said...

Quite a milestone for Hana and her old parents! New chapters ahead - congrats Hana!!

Holly said...

Congratulations!!! Love all the pictures!!! So good seeing you at RFL!!!