Friday, February 18, 2011

Port Townsend.

This little town is so wonderful and to think I've never been there. Thanks to my hubby and a business trip, we got to go. Photo's were taken at:
-Fort Worden, Battery Kenzie State Park. This is an amazing park. I recommend a day trip with your kids. There was so much history and beauty including a light house. There is also a fairly new campground right on the beach.
-The Undertown Coffee Shop-You will have to look for this's undertown.
-Spooky old house on the drive to Sequim
*not pictured but we had the best clam chowder in the world at Fins Coastal Cuisine.
As always we had a great time taking pictures:)


Janice said...

awesome pics! You have such a talent! I was just telling Randy I wanted to go to Port Townsend on the boat! Nothing like getting away.....

Meg said...

Jodi, these are amazing!!!

Melissa said...

These are incredible!! What a neat idea for a day trip :)

Anonymous said...

A hidden Gem on the West Coast So close to us in BC, yet it seems so far away! I love the place!