Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's called a terrarium...

You will need:
-a terrarium container, you can find these at TJ maxx, thrift stores and garage sales.
-potting soil
-rocks of varying sizes
-moss, Hana and I went out and harvested moss and sticks.
-plants. I love the maiden hair fern in mine. I got it at Safeway.
-mini stuff, There is tiny stuff for your terrarium for sale on
Some of the miniatures we bought on etsy. Also we gathered some sea glass and small shells last summer at Birch Bay so anything goes.
I love the three kinds of moss Hana used in hers. She took these pictures. Lovely.
We are no experts at making terrariums. But it was fun making them together. I just love my crafty little daughter:)


Tami said...

They are pretty cool. I made them too, in the 70's.
I should have kept my glass mushroom.

Janice said...

Very cute! I love the little deer! I have a terrarium with fake stuff in it - I love the real moss! Stuff with daughters is fun!

Les Hon said...

So lovely!! I'm inspired!