Monday, February 7, 2011 on...

Welcome to my new obsession:) Pinning! A few weeks or more ago I requested an invitation to You know like when you rip things out of a magazine and pin them to a board. The idea behind pinterest is a bulletin board of all the cool things you find on the internet. So to explain I took screen shots of the site on my computer.

This first shot shows all my boards I have created from my own interests. Photography, cake, dogs, food etc. When you receive your invitation you drag the "pin it" bookmark to your toolbar. (see bright pink arrow) Then you browse all your favorite sites like pioneer woman for example.
This next shot is of the pioneer womans website after I clicked the "pin it" in the tool bar. It then brings up another window with all your boards and you pin the picture to the appropriate board. Like a pictures of a yummy dish to your food board.
This shot shows the must popular pictures on pinterst that day. I love looking at this every day and I can "repin" any of the pictures to any of my boards.
This shot shows my terrarium board. I just searched terrariums in pinterst and found all kinds of cool things for terrariums from sites like etsy, etc.
I am super excited about making a terrarium soon! If you lived in the 70's you know what I am talking about.
This is my dog board. I pinned some of my own pictures simply by going to my own blog!
My photography board of course!
Try it!


Janice said...

You need a picture of Max on your dog board! I love terrariums! They're all over the Pottery barn catalogs! Been praying for you friend through these rough days!

Jerrie said...

LOVE it! Thanks for introducing pinning to me as I didn't have enough things to take up my time. :)

I seriously love pinning. LOVE. I wish I could be more eloquent but mostly it's just totally awesome!

Wow! I'm full of expressive writing tonight huh?