Saturday, May 1, 2010

Protective mama!

If she just had kept quiet I would not have noticed her and her nest. But instead I heard a loud peep! I looked down and there she sat staring at me. The dogs were obliviously running ahead of me. Thanks-goodness! I took a step toward her and she charged me. There was no way to explain I only intended to take a picture or two of her nest. So she ran aside pretending to be injured. I love all the natural instincts God gave all his creatures for survival. It's just amazing. How can people not see God in creation and just go on believing every thing just evolved? If you know God then you see and that in its self is a gift from God. Also the Canadian Geese trio is back and the goslings just hatched. I stare out my window at them all the time. All day long I hear the Killdeer and Geese peeping and honking at predators. Mom's protecting their young. It's a beautiful thing.

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boxcar said...

I can hear that Mutual of Omaha guys voice
now...what a great memory!!

Holly said...

How amazing!! Jodi, you take such beautiful pictures...I know I say that every time, but it's so true!!!

These eggs are so pretty. It's funny how they lay them on the ground, right out in the open, yet they blend in with the rocks!

Our God is truly amazing!! Thanks for sharing!