Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crazy times....

I have been a little busy lately and some things are suffering. I don't think I ever blogged about Prom-Levi and Meagan-so cute! I can't find my memory card from Mother's day and that's making me crazy! I will have to get pictures from my sistas. I went to Seattle for the weekend and spent time with Wendi and baby to be. Hana came along and built a stroller and caught bugs with Jackjack. We did a senior shoot at the EMP which you see pictured. Everything in my mind just keeps going back to this family. Please continue to pray for strength for Wendi. She is amazing and her faith is unshaken. This is a season of struggle for them but they belong to God and they know he is perfect.
So I am back to Seattle today for a fun surprise which is not a far as I know:)
Thank-you for stopping by!

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michele said...

I think of Wendi and Jack often. And pray. Their faith is amazing. I will pray it stays strong. I will pray today for the doctors and wisdom as well.
Your blog is such a treat, a good way to start my morning. :)