Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I wanna be a blog star!

Today we met up with Kathi and kids and Tami at the neighbors pool. Cassie says she reads my blog and has never been on it. Well! I said we will make you a a blog star! Hana painted Cassie nails like watermelon, but really nobody got out of the pool much. It's just too hot! Hope you all find a way to keep cool.

Lexi and puppy...this post is not all about you! (puppy was taking her for a walk!) It's all Cassie:)


tami said...

Cassie- You are a StAr!
Love the nails too...

Say hi to Lexi-

love, Penny

Kathi said...

Thanks for a GREAT afternoon and saving us from a 90 degree house. Your neighbors are the BEST for sharing their cool pool.

Barbi Van said...

Did you guys have fun by the pool while we were gone well it looks like you did! And thank you so much
for letting the puppy out we missed him so much!!

Anonymous said...