Monday, July 6, 2009

Camp Shiloh!

The kids had another amazing week at Camp Shiloh! They were counselors this year and we are so proud of them. Bill and I went and helped cook breakfast for them two mornings and the kids were so wonderful. The camp was at Lake Sammish this year at Camp Lutherwood. Beautiful! Just some random pics. Levi drinking from a Levi original. Hana and various friends and the amazing Marcy and Leslie(the one carrying Levis shoes around) Charlie even made some friends-chicks dig him! The biggest slip-n-slide I have ever seen. A clever way to get the kids clean:)


hanajo said...

My Camp Shiloh endeavor.
it twas AMAZING!

Now the world can have a look at a lifetime of friendships and memories!

:] Go to Camp Shiloh people!!
i call it a "non-judgmental" circle.
A week of become much closer to the LORD!

Love you Mama!

Of course my mom (SNAPsister) was there to document it. =]

Thanks mom!! your the bomb!

Kathi said...

Way to go Hana and Levi, you're making a difference in these kids' lives. I am so proud of you for giving your time and talents. Interesting...when you do that how you end up being blessed by it too!!