Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Happy Joy joy!

Flowers make me happy! Hana is working just about everyday at Enfields Raspberry plant and bless her heart she loves it! We alternate taking her at 4:30 AM. This is not my cup of tea. I am more of a 9:00 cup of coffee person. On the drive to Enfields we pass a beautiful dahlia field. There is a stand out front and she sells the blooms 5 for a buck! Nothing is a buck anymore! You can afford to buy a bouquet for everyone you know. Its east of the Bob hall Rd on the Lynden Birch Bay Rd. Sorry about the poor quality pics... I will do better next time. Also below our deck the pond is growing and it looks like it has an island with a land bridge. COOL! I could do without all the dust though. That's life on the hill:)


Barbi Van said...

I know Jodi it is an awesome place to live at!! And I cannot wait till it is done and sorry about the dust its probably Bensen doing donuts in the dust(:!!

Becky L. Beck said...