Wednesday, September 15, 2010

While no one was looking...

We are coming up on living here two years. Where does the time go? I miss our house we built allot. Thats the truth . But I am grateful we sold it when we did. Here in this house we have a gorgeous view of Mt Baker-It takes my breath away when I get up on time to see the sun raising over it. The view of Baker from our living room is obstructed by one tall tree that kinda shot out of another smaller tree. For two years I've been saying that I wish someone would go knock down that tree.

Well at some point in my crazy busy summer the tree went down and nobody noticed. The other day I looked up and thought ....Where did that annoying tree go! I ran around the house pointing it out to everyone.

No more about those power lines:)
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michele said...


Janice said...

Isn't it great that now you can get up later and see the sunrise? Okay maybe not, because that means shorter and colder days, but I thought I would try to help! Great pics as usual Jodi!

Becky said...

I just can't believe it! Do you know how many times we all plotting about WHO could sneak over with a chain saw and cut that Tree down? Where was Bill on the night it happened? Remember the game Clue? We could play this with the mysterious tree removal. We are so happy to see Baker from your window. Thanks for sharing the view with US. Troy and I miss that view more than anything.
Becky Beck

Holly said...

Isn't it funny how we get used to something, but hardly notice the change??? Gorgeous view!!

And I LOVE the post on Becky!!! What a sweetie and what a great BFF! Is she coming for a visit?? Are you going to go there???

Tell her "hi" for me!!