Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A vineyard on the hill!

Over the last month or so our landlord has been very busy planting grapes on the hill. I think it takes like three years for them to be harvestable and then he's planning a private vineyard. It's the perfect spot for it. I've noticed cars slowing down to take a look.
It's fun to see the landscape changing. We will have to wait awhile for some wine:)


Holly said...

What a beautiful site that's going to be...lovely view!! Are you standing out there with your glass, patiently waiting??

boxcar said...

what beautiful pictures!! you should become a photographer or something!! wink, wink

Janice said...

I'm seeing a great photo opp spot in the future! I love grape vines/vineyards!! Let us know when the first wine tasting is!