Saturday, July 31, 2010

Potato salad wars. My mom makes hers and Bill 's mom makes hers and we all love them both. But they are very different.
There must be a million ways to make pot-sal. I decided to try the Pioneer Woman's recipe. Her recipes do not disappoint. Her recipe for Perfect Potato Salad calls for you to mash the potatoes- I did not do this. I think I like chunks:) Other than that I would say "perfecto!" Visit her blog and try a recipe or read about her interesting life on the ranch. OH yeah...the double burger is Bill's plate. YUM!
Thanks for stopping by!
PS isn't Eddie a cute little bagger!


michele said...

I love potato salad! A summer favorite.

Janice said...

looks yummy - sorry we couldn't make it - oh yeah - we weren't invited :-) Missed you at Tami's! I just tried a baked potato salad. Pretty good, needs a little tweaking. I will blog when I try it again with a twist.

Janice said...
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Anonymous said...

My month is watering - looks yummy!
I LOVE potato salad, Mom's is always the best.