Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Charlie scored at the auction!

As you all know the auction for Cash was a huge success. It raised over $55,000 dollars! Not only that but it was allot of fun.
I was bidding on this The Pet Stop(a pet shop in down town Bellingham) donation. And I won! I knew Hana would love this little house and it came with all kinds of dog stuff including a leather and Swarski Crystals collar. He looks good! He sleeps in his bed every night. Sorry Auntie Glen I know you wanted it and so did several other little girls (for their stuffed animals and pretend doggies) Hana said to me later "I just can't believe you bought that mom:)" Sometimes you have to surprise them. There is allot going on here on the hill so I hate the word but.... I'm busy! Full news story is coming soon.

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Janice said...

If doggie is happy than the family is happy! At least that's the way it works here at Korthuis Manor! PS Still having camera envy!