Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My crazy love for FB...

IF you are my friend on Facebook you know my deep dark secret. I love it! Now you won't find me fertilizing my farm or giving gifts or playing any games(I don't like games) But I love to say what I am doing and for some dumb reason I love to see what you all are doing! I really try to be funny most of the time. I do not usually post if I have a cold and feel like poop. I am not a fan of giving the gory details...just enough to make you wonder:) NOW...don't you want to be my friend?
My year in Status....

I wish it included ALL of them:) I will make this into a scrapbook page. Thanks for the tip Jerrie. The first blogger I ever knew.

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Jerrie said...

Love it. Looking forward to seeing it made into a scrap page (please share)...mine is in process!

First blogger you ever knew? Oh my, I feel so...special!

Merry Christmas Eve EVE! :)