Friday, October 16, 2009

LOL that stands for LOTS OF LAUGHS!

Sorry Charlie you are not going scrappin!

The Queen of embellishments!
Laughter is the best medicine. Yesterday we got to meet Becky's friend Paula from MO.
That was fun cause she is a master crafter and she taught us some new tricks. We ALMOST made a run to starbucks at 4:00 and then we ALMOST made a run to Mcdonalds(somebody started talking about Big Macs) at 10:30 pm but I guess we are not as young as we look:) PLUS Julie showed up to make flowers and Kathi showed up to make nothing but ended up making everything. And Tami was a great host as always.

Sorry about the picture quality..iphone pics of course-it's the one always in my pocket:)


michele said...

It sounds so fun!!

tami said...

What a fun day! Sorry Charlie.
I've been making things out of paper all weekend. Can't stop ;)

Becky L. Beck said...

what a fun day and night for sure! But man those pics of me are horrid! Yikes.... thanks for making the time with Paula full of lasting memories.

Pollywog Pearls said...

So for can even take a good pic on your phone! Thanks for all the fun and advice. It was so great to meet you...all three of you! Sorry that we didn't get to meet up again before I left. Be certain that I did get a Big Mac at the airport! Missing last Thursday!