Thursday, January 5, 2012

Remember Summer?

The beauty that shall be eaten! Yeah I do. My brother and Bill caught many crab and we feasted on it. So Yummo! Speaking of yummo what I am getting to is Rachel Rays recipe for Bacon Crab Chowder. I tried it with some of the left over frozen crab and it was delish! Here are some of the pictures of the making of the chowder way back in October. Yes this is bloggy catch up time! On this day I also made Pioneer Womans Beef Stew with beer and paprika. It was outstanding! Then we loaded up my pots of goodness and headed over to celebrate Cash's Birthday with a few family and friends. I sure miss that little guy. Thanks for stopping by!


Holly said...

Feel free to celebrate with me anytime! I can still taste that crab!

Janice said...

Think I will be making the stew tomorrow night - YUMMO!! Thanks for sharing! I probably should see if I have some crab left too!