Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cloud crazy...

I love clouds. They are beautiful. They are heaven.

Now here is a little photography lesson.  This picture here is taken at
Shutter speed 90,  ISO 400, F.or aperture 2.8.  Ugly huh?

This one is straight out of camera or SOOC.
Shutter speed 90  ISO 400 and f. 11  So you see by only changing the aperture a few clicks the color is brought to life.  A higher aperture will produce brilliant color.

This is with a little contrast.

Now if you have a camera-learn to use it:)
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Holly said...

I really need a lesson!!!!
Beautiful pics as always!!

Janice said...

Private lessons? I'm getting better - but - a long way to go! Missed you at the scrappin' day! Next one is Wed., Oct 26th. BE HERE!! :)