Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birch Bay take two...

Sorry about the blogging or lack there of. But I usually like to size my pictures in photobucket so everything lines up nice but photobucket is not cooperating. So we will just do it this way.
We went to the Bay and rented a really nice house. Mom and Dad came out during the day and kids came and went as needed. Bill had off all week so we tried to do some relaxing:) Ill just do my best to describe every picture.

Here are some SNAP sisters....NOT!

Hana is the queen of the "self photo"
Max surprised everyone by coming home from George for the weekend. He missed us.
Our boys and my Dad
Ken's kids:)
Dad and Eddie chillaxin.
All our kiddos.
Levi and Meagan....ahhhh sweeet!
Ken's boat waiting to head out in the morning for some salmon fishing and crabbing.
Ken and Bill brought in some nice crab.
Going to meet the fisherman.
Katie, Carlie and Hana:)
Katie and her Toby
Lexi and Cassie came out with Kathi one day.
Nice smile Cassie!
We all loved hanging out on the deck
Beach combing
Jeff and Kathi kickin it.
Wyatt had a birthday. 16!
A dog friend on the beach
It felt very much like home with the coastguard watching us all day.
Just like the border patrol here:)
Wyatt shot his airsoft gun. Charlie did not care for that.
Marley (I mean Kona) and Kathi on the beach.
Sorry if this picture makes you drool.
Salmon cooking on a wood fire. Bill caught a 15 pounder!
Fresh pedi from Carolyn at Mane Styles. She's the best.
Sunset and Bill and Fred chatting.
Mom's treasures from the beach

We rented Jeffs uncles place so he did allot of reminiscing about back in the days at the beach house.
All had a wonderful time and we are already planning next year.
Thanks for stopping by!


Tami said...

Good times, yep, good times indeed.
Until next year...

Becky said...

Wow! Love that all the doggies got to go. Your photography is just amazing. You capture the sweetest moments. Glad you made such great memories for years to come.