Friday, April 9, 2010

Will wonders never cease?

This week has been spring break. Except for Alex who just started at BTC and he is taking Computer techy stuff. He says his classes have allot of nerds in them. But its fun to see him excited about learning! He offered to make dinner for us(us includes Hana Levi Meagan Molly {meagans sister} Alex and Me) Bill is working in Eastern WA again and I am thankful to have my kids around to keep me company. Alex told me what to buy and he made it. I came home right on time from shootin some pics at
Sole Obsession dinner was ready and delicious. Thank-you ALex! Meagan and Levi have taken over my kitchen table to complete their senior projects. It's also wonderful to see my boy Levi studying hard. Thanks Meagan! (sorry meagan is blurry in the pic) It's been a fun week with them. They are very sweet kids and WE love them very much! sniff:.)


boxcar said...

I miss this stuff all the time.... I love you guys for sharing it with me.

Janice said...

I love having a full house too! Now I just need some of them to cook for me! Very cool! Good job Alex!!