Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday morning Nativity Terrarium..

I didn't have any work to do this morning. All my shopping is done, my cards are sent, my baking is done and my laundry is totally caught up.....NOT!!! Oh well time for a little craft! I bought this tiny nativity many years ago at the dollar store (i think). I have been growing many plants for terrarium building. Plus I have all the stuff you,charcoal, soil, trees and moss. I even had some drift wood for the stable laying around. Oh what fun! I love the tiny world of terrariums! What better way to be reminded of the reason for the season. The birth of our Savior! Thanks for stopping by:)


jkluginbill said...

I love it! Very cool Jodi! :)

Les Hon said...

Love it! It's such a sweet little scene...I believe I could gaze at it for a long while.

Janice said...

How absolutely cool is that - you are so creative!! If you have more spare time (since everything's done :), you can make me one too! :) Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday friend! Hope to do some scrappin' with you next year!

Anonymous said...

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